poniedziałek, 16 marca 2015

Speaking cards

Coś dla młodzieży i dorosłych. Speaking cards na rozgrzewkę :)

You want to cook something special for your partner. Decide what to cook and what ingredients you need.

It’s your mum’s birthday in two weeks. Decide what to buy her.

You friend from England is coming to visit you. He/She is going to spend two days in your city/town. Decide what to show her/him.

You’ve won a two-week-holiday for two. You can choose the destination yourself. Decide where to go and who to take.

Your friend asks you to recommend a movie to watch. What would you recommend?

You’ve found a wallet in the street. What would you do?

You’ve won £200. You can buy whatever you want. What would you buy?

It’s your partner’s birthday today and you’ve completely forgotten about it. She’ll be at home in five minutes. What would you do?

You want to learn something new. What would it be?

You are in a bookshop. Decide what book to buy.

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